Terezin Day Trip
(HALF DAY 4 hrs)

Travel time from Prague to Terezin is about 45 minutes,
The price does not include the entrance ticket to the Terezin memorial site which cost 200 CZK / 8 EUR per person (includes guide).

       PRICE PER VEHICLE      
    1 - 4 PEOPLE CZK 2600 / 103 / Ł93 / $113      
    5 - 8 PEOPLE CZK 3500 / 140 / Ł126 / $152      

The excursion will take you to the place where the Nazi occupation induced the most tragic chapter in the history of not only one town but also the catastrophic fate of many thousands of innocent victims (more than 140000 Jewish were here imprisoned) during the Second World War. Terezin was founded by Emperor Josef II. It is an outstanding example of a military fort in the style of Classicist architecture. The entire complex of the former Nazi concentration camp will be shown with narration including authentic personal memories, chilling experiences and episodes from Terezin's grim history. You will also visit the Ghetto Museum and the Small Fortress with an exposition.

Terezin Gate

Terezin Memorial
Over 150 000 men, woman, and children were deported to Terezin from the Czech lands, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia and Hungary; 35 000 died.

You can witness the common rooms for prisoners, perhaps the size of a two-car garage which held 25-30 people, with no electricity and no running water. The “isolation cells” rooms big enough to hold a twin bed, not too much else. You can also see the cemetery just outside the fortress was where thousands of political prisoners were buried. As well as a Jewish museum with a permanent exhibition on the history of the ghetto, along with documentary films, and a German propaganda film to deceive the world public.

Terezin will be very intense experience, with a focal point for everything you’ve seen in films and read in books about the Holocaust. It will also help you to view events in your own life with a new perspective; while visiting Prague tear yourself away from the beautiful city to spend a day in Terezin, we must never forget!

Terezin Memorial

Terezin after WW II
After the German surrender the small fortress was used as an internment camp for ethnic Germans. The first prisoners arrived on the May 10, 1945. On February 29, 1948 the last German prisoners were released and the camp was officially closed. Among the interned Germans were on one hand former Nazis like Heinrich Jöckel, the former commander of Terezín and other SS members. On the other hand a great group of internees was arrested simply because of their German nationality, among them young boys of 12 years or elderly people.

In the first phase of the camp lasting until July 1945 mortality was high due to diseases, malnutrition and incidents of simple outright murder. Commander of the camp in that period was Stanislav Franc, who had been a prisoner of the camp under the Nazis since 1944. He was guided by a spirit of revenge and tolerated any mistreatment of the prisonsers by the guards.

In July 1945 the camp shifted under the control of the Czech ministry for domestic affairs. The new commander appointed was Otakar Kálal. From 1946 on the inmates were gradually transferred to Germany and Terezín more and more turned into a hub for the forced migration of Germans from the Czech lands into Germany proper.

A small exhibition nowadays reminds of the history of Terzín as internment camp for Germans.
For more information regarding Terezin visit the official website.


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