Feel free to send us your booking by text, You MUST include:

Your name,
How many people are coming,
Arrival date,
Departure city,
Arrival time,

For example:
Mr. Allan, 2 people are coming 23 March on LS825 from Edinburgh at 12 25 to the Ramada Grand.

would be>

Mr. Allan 2 23 March LS825 Edinburgh 12 25 to Ramada Grand

send it to +420 602 395 421

We will confirm your pick up immediately (unless I am having a nap) and tell you where we will meet you.

Let us know if you just have carry on bags otherwise we will be in the hall 20  minutes after the flight has landed

Also if you are using some type of app to send your text note it often does not send your phone number so we can not text you back!