Travel time from Prague to Karlovy Vary is about 2 hours so you will have 6 hours in Karlovy Vary. We suggest leaving Prague between 0800 and 1000

       PRICE PER VEHICLE      
    1 - 4 PEOPLE CZK 4600      
    5 - 8 PEOPLE CZK 5600      

  A wonderful walking tour around the city centre awaits you in Karlovy Vary. Here you will have the opportunity to admire historical buildings, indulge your body and soul in healing mineral water (you can visit numerous thermal hotel pools but, please take your swimming dress and towel with you), visit the Moser Glass Factory with its famed souvenirs from local porcelain craftsmen, taste Czech traditional liquor Becherovka and eat some of the hot curative springs. While walking on the promenade we recommend stopping for a lunch at some typical bath house restaurants or cafeterias. By the way, they are best in the region. The spa town was also visited by many notable persons, for example Beethoven, Chopin and Goethe. In Karlovy Vary you can find the luxurious Grand Hotel Pupp where the last Casino Royal, the last film about James Bond, was shot.  

Karlovy Vary

This is best known and the largest spa in the Czech Republic and dates back to around 1350. The Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV raised its status to a town in 1370. Since the 16th century it has been known for its 12 hot medicinal mineral springs. Up to the present day many representants of the European aristocracy and cultural elite (e. g. Austrian empress Maria Theresia, J. W. Goethe, A. Dvorak, L. van Beethoven, N. Paganini, J. S. Bach, R. Wagner, Casanova, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks) sojourned in Carlsbad and appreciated medical effect of the local hot mineral water. Besides the springs the city is famous for its International Film Festival belonging to the A category of film festival in the world, so every year in June and July it is possible to meet in Carlsbad worldwide famous actors, singers, film makers. All of them can admire beautiful and rich local architecture with splendid colonnades, sumptuous very well restored houses, taste mineral water, traditional bittersweet liqueur of Becherovka, delicious Carlsbad wafers and much more. Just like you if you accept this invitation to this nice city. Amongst the city's best-known sights are the Church of St. Andrew, the Orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Municipal Theatre, the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda) and the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene. Karlovy Vary are surrounded by romantic hilly countryside – the foothills of Krušné mountains.

Karlovy Vary

The fame of Karlovy Vary has spread into the whole world thanks to its mineral springs. There are 12 healing springs in the spa. Their basic compositions are similar but they differ in temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide, and that is why their effects are different as well. The colder springs usually have a slightly purgative effect, while the warmer ones make the production of bile and stomach juices slower. The strongest is the Vřídlo spring, rising from the depth of 2,000-3,000 metres. The temperature reaches 73° C. The temperature of the other springs is around 40° C. The springs cure mainly metabolic disorders; they are also used for inhalations and baths.

Karlovy Vary

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