You have probably seen another transfer company here in Prague really pushing their "free tour" ,

There are many free tours in Prague, you do not need a "voucher" or to use an airport transfer company to get it, just show up!

we like to recommend SANDEMANS because we hear good things about them!

Here is another one! Free Prague Tours

There are many more, just Google it! It must be said that the guides hope you will tip them in the end so it's not really free but...

We also give out free maps (unless we run out but that is rare!) of Prague.

Please choose a transfer company based on its' reputation!

See what they say about us on Tripadvisor and Fodor's

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"What a brilliant service - so nice not to have to give credit card details prior to booking - your driver was exactly on time both directions and we couldnt have asked for a better service, will definitely recommend you to all our friends - oh and we couldn't have done without your free map it put us back in the right direction on several occasions - Many thanks" Debby Griffiths 06.December .2009